Uber Eats has greatly increased our in-home and at-work dining choices, regardless of the cuisine you fancy or how many people you’re dining with. The easy-to-use app also makes it simple to make a meal from different restaurants without having to find menus, battle traffic, park and wait.

Recently joining some friends for dinner, I was in the mood for Asian cuisine and we decided to order from Northbridge’s Old Lane Street Eats, a restaurant that serves a variety of dishes including noodles, rice and bao buns.


Fried items make a great start to any meal, and this time we started with vegetarian spring rolls filled with cabbage, carrot, onion, wood fungus & vermicelli and corn fritters.

Thanks to Uber Eats, our meal took just 30 minutes from order to front-door, and our entrees arrived hot and crispy.

Uber Eats Delivers the Goods from Old Lane Street Eats 1

Satay is one of my favourites and we ordered beef and chicken, which came with a tasty sauce on the side.


Old Lane Street Eats serves an interesting selection of baos and we tried the candied pork with achar (pickled vegetables), coriander, carrot & crushed peanuts and the Marmite chicken: boneless chicken, cucumber, carrot, spring onion, kewpie mayo and special Marmite sauce.

Uber Eats Delivers the Goods from Old Lane Street Eats 2

Feeling the need for curry, we ordered the curiously named but very nice Malaysian Indian curry chicken.

If that wasn’t enough heat, we added chilli vinaigrette wontons, delicious pork & prawn wontons in a spicy chilli oil!


Two noodle dishes finished our feast, the first a fried kway teow with flat rice noodles, prawn, fishcake, Chinese sausage, egg, chives & bean sprouts.


Our second noodle dish was the Mamak Mee Goreng with yellow noodles, chicken, prawns, squid, egg, tomato, tofu, sambal chilli, bean sprouts, crispy shallots and lettuce. This dish had a real spicy kick!

We all enjoyed our meal from Old Lane Street Eats, and these dishes were enough to feed four people. There’s plenty of variety on the menu, which makes it a great choice when feeding a group.

Dinner was on the table just 30 minutes after ordering from the couch with the Uber Eats app. What more could you ask for?

This post was sponsored by Uber Eats.