Hmm, a passing bandwagon…on we go!

Latest in the growing assortment of flavoured milks filling our supermarket shelves is this new Salted Caramel Brownes Chill. According to the website, this “insanely great drink is a triumph of West Aussie ingenuity”. Hmm. I didn’t think that WA invented salted caramel, but that’s what it says…

Caramel is my favourite milkshake flavour, but it just doesn’t seem to translate well to pre-packaged milks. It may appear as a limited edition, but is usually weak in flavour and never stays for long…maybe the demand just isn’t there?

So how is this attempt? I was pleasantly surprised when I tried it, although it still suffers from not having enough flavour. The salt is there, but thankfully is quite subtle – weak caramel with too much salt would be hideous.

This is definitely worth trying if salted caramel is your thing, but even though I found it pleasant enough I have no urge to try it again.