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A Quick Guide To Driving Across Australia

A Quick Guide To Driving Across Australia 1

Australia’s a big place and getting around it by car takes a while, but you shouldn’t let that put you off. Getting around by plane might be quicker but you’re missing out on a whole load of amazing sights. Driving is absolutely the best way to see Australia because you get a chance to experience all of the wonderful countryside on offer. There are also quite a few areas of the outback that you can only access by driving out there yourself. Next time you head out there, rent yourself a car and check out this handy guide to driving in Australia for some pointers.

A Quick Guide To Driving Across Australia 2

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What Car?

This is the first question you’re probably asking, after all, there’s quite a lot of varied terrain out there. There are plenty of places to stay on the road in Australia, even relatively far into the outback, so a normal car should do you fine. Bear in mind that you want something fairly powerful with good suspension and tires so you can deal with the rougher roads in more remote areas.

If you want a more authentic road tripping experience then you can go with an old tourist favourite, the campervan. The facilities in there are going to be pretty basic when you’re camping and space is tight but if you think you can handle it, it’s a wonderful way to see the country. You aren’t limited to by the places you can stop so you can find your own route.

The last thing to decide is whether you rent or buy. If you’re going on a longer trip, work out how much it will cost you to rent for that time. You might find that it’s actually cheaper to buy a car over there. You can even sell it again before you leave and make a chunk of the money back.

Where To Go

Now you’ve got your car, you need to work out where to go. There’s a great route that goes all the way down the east coast which is used for a charity event. Visit the No Birds Bash to find more details about the driving event that they host. The route takes you to some of the more rural areas that you might not otherwise get to see.

The Great Central Road is a route that ends up at Ayers Rock. It’s likely that this is on everyone’s itinerary when they’re in Australia but there’s no better way to get there than on the road. The route takes you through some of the most stunning desert in the world, past the incredible Kings Canyon on the way. You might even be able to spot some kangaroos if you’re lucky.

A Quick Guide To Driving Across Australia 3

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If you’re interested in the incredible wildlife in the country you might be better suited to the ocean road. It takes you along the impressive coast where you’ll get the opportunity to see some majestic sea life up close and personal.

The Savannah Way is a great route that takes you from one side to the other, along the top half of the country. It’s a long drive, totalling a whopping 3,700 Kilometres. One of the highlights is the beautiful Millaa Millaa Falls in Queensland. You should also make sure to stop in at Boodjamulla National Park to see some of the wildlife on display and go canoeing on the lake there. You can also explore one of the most interesting natural features in the whole country; the Undara Lava Tubes. The surrounding national park is full of over 160 volcanoes but the most exciting thing to see is the network of caves that have been burned out by the resulting lava after an eruption. You can take a tour around the vast caves but be warned, it’s pretty dark down there so it might not be best for young kids.

The Pacific Coast Trip is a bit of a shorter one at only 900 Kilometres but there’s still a lot to see along the way. The world famous Byron Bay is a must see if you’ve never been there before. It’s one of the most popular destinations for tourists in the country who flock there for the great beaches, surfing, and scuba diving experiences. It’s a vibrant seaside town that always has something going on, they host great festivals during the summer months as well.

Next time you’re down under, don’t miss out by flying from place to place. Get yourself a car and hit the road instead.

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