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Picture Perfect Perth

Picture Perfect Perth 1

Lots of tourists that visit Australia tend to stick to the areas they hear most about. Alice Springs and Sydney are certainly worth spending a month or two exploring! But Australia is a really big place. There are plenty of other cities and coastline to see. One of the most underrated places might be Perth. This west coast city has a lot going for it, and there is plenty more around the area that you have to see. So grab your cameras and head to the historic and awe-inspiring WA:


This a perfect coastal retreat where you can enjoy fresh fish dishes and amazing beaches every day. The Maritime history is extensive here, and the museums that explore it are amazing. The Shipwrecks museum is especially captivating but check ahead for exhibitions and opening times. Of course, Fremantle’s history extends to the prison built by its prisoners. This grim part of Australia’s history has been preserved, and you can see many areas of it.

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The Arts

The State Ballet and opera form a major part of the cultural arts offering in Perth. There are also a couple of outdoor amphitheatres offering a wide range of entertainment. Shakespeare has been performed successfully, and many amateur groups are allowed to make use of the space too. Perhaps one of the most amazing parts of this is the view of the stars in the evening sky as you sit and watch. Time for some time-lapse photography!

City Life

Perth isn’t the biggest city in the world, but there are still plenty of stores to explore there. Parking isn’t too horrendous for a city either. It’s possible to drive in and out of the city as well as around WA without too many problems. There are companies like Bayswater Car Rental to choose from that will offer a better price than the airport services. From there, you can nip into the city for lunch, or even stay into the night at the many bars and restaurants. Take some time to walk through the city streets. Much of the architecture is quite unique to this city.

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Into The Country

If you have hired a car in Perth, then you can travel out into the beautiful country. Mundaring State Forest, Helena National Park, and Jarrahdale State Forest are beautiful areas you can enjoy. Helena National Park is particularly popular with visitors. It’s easy to drive to from the city, and you can pay a small fee to camp there too. There are often events happening that you might be able to book in advance to help you make the most of this outstanding area. The views are amazing so make sure you’ve brought your camera!

High Adrenaline

Of course, if you’re looking for something fast and fun, Perth has an Adventure World theme park. Rollercoasters and rides can attract long queues at peak times, but there are plenty of other things to see and do there. Don’t forget – there are often winter season closures for refurbs at places like this, so check ahead. What will you get up to in Perth?


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