Hot on the heels of Lot Six Zero, Aveley has another new eatery: Miss Me Cafe, located directly across the road from the Boutique Travel Cafe.

Its location is curious, especially since the strangely popular Mecca is also across the road, but competition can only be good for those of us who live around Ellenbrook. I won’t say no to more coffee options, either.

Most of the seating inside is large, comfy couches or you can sit outside by the picturesque lake. Nice.

We visited at lunchtime which I used as an excuse to order a “mega-shake”. This one was white chocolate with mixed berries and Smarties, and also available is “Chocolate Oreo & Chocolate Chip” (both $11.50). Unadventurous / boring folk can order “normal” chocolate and strawberry shakes ($7). The overriding flavour of this shake was the berries so it wasn’t too sweet or sickly, and the Ferrero Rocher on the side was a nice touch.

Coffee is from Toby’s Estate and a range of free smoothies are available ($8) as is the intriguing espresso ice tea – lemon ice tea, raspberries, mint and a dash of espresso ($6).

Here’s the breakfast menu, available seven days a week from 7:30am.

The “Hey Sunshine” sounds like an interesting take on smashed avo, and being able to choose between chicken and pork sausages is great. The “multi-beans” sound particularly exciting 🙂

Lunch is mostly Asian dishes.

I ordered the katsu chicken with fried rice “stacks” ($17.50) which I enjoyed despite the lack of katsu sauce 🙁

The chicken was crisp and still moist, but what really surprised was the light, fluffy and rather delicious egg-fried rice. They can keep the salad.

Renay ordered the chicken satay skewers (five for $12.50, also available in beef) which was moist and tender with a tasty sauce. As you can see from the menu above, you could make a nice sharing lunch out of their “small bits”.

Based on our visit today I’ll definitely be returning to Miss Me Cafe, next time for breakfast and coffee. We noticed a few small kinks in the service, but it’s early days and that’s easy to forgive when the service is friendly and the food is good. If you’re in the Ellenbrook / Aveley area, I recommend you drop in for a visit.

Miss Me Cafe
2 Flecker Promenade, Aveley
Mon-Sun from 7:30am

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