The word ‘healthy’ might not be an instant fit next to the phrase ‘fast food’, but there is an increasing interest in healthy fast food options. After all, there’s not necessarily any reason why food that’s produced quickly has to be unhealthy. It’s just usually the case that it is very bad for us if we consume too much of it. Perhaps it’s time to change our thinking and give healthy fast food a try. Let’s delve into whether or not this is a realistic and worthwhile goal to have.

The Challenge of Freshness

The thing with most fast food is that it doesn’t necessarily need to be all that fresh. This helps with storage and the fast preparation of fast food meals. However, that’s not really the same for businesses that want to offer healthy fast food. There tend to be more fresh and natural ingredients involved. And if they choose to take the organic route, freshness only becomes more of a challenge.

Standards Need to be Raised Still

The standards across the board definitely need to be raised if there is going to be a successful place for healthy fast food within the existing framework of fast food restaurants. At the moment, when you want something quick that tastes good, it’s rarely the healthy options that look most appealing to you. Someone has to step up and demand higher quality.

Do the Biggest Companies Actually Care?

This is one question that’s not always easy to answer. If you step into McDonald’s, you will certainly see that they have a menu that includes healthy wraps and salads. But it’s not the stuff that they’re most vocal about advertising. And the quality of such salads is known to be pretty low. Of course, there are smaller organisations that get these things right, but it’s not clear the bigger companies car all that much.

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Busy Families Can Benefit Without the Usual Health Problems

As any family man or woman will know, finding time to prepare food when you have work commitments and family challenges to balance is not always easy. Even if you do as much of it as you can, there will always be days when fast food is called upon for an easy solution. Prep’d deliver easy family dinner boxes that aim to offer healthy meals to time-poor families. It’s one example of how healthy fast food can help families and avoid the usual health problems we associate with fast food.

Affordability is Another Huge Factor

Fresh foods tend to be more costly, but this runs into a few problems when you consider the fact that most fast food is meant to be not only fast but also pretty cheap. There is a risk that higher prices in the healthy sector of fast food restaurants will lead to people being turned away and into the arms of the more affordable and unhealthy options that dominate.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that the drive towards a more healthy fast food market is a good thing. But there is a long way to go both in terms of the seriousness of the offer from some of the bigger chains and in the quality of the product on offer. But there are certainly businesses out there already making saves in this niche.