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It’s easy to think of interior design as an amalgamation of colours and pieces put together in a structured manner. After all, it’s not easy to put a house together without any of the latter. As tempting as this attitude is, it’s always dangerous; not in a health and safety way, but in an “I’ve made a huge mistake!” Consider minimalist design for a moment. All you have to do is keep clutter to the lowest amount possible, right? Sure, it helps, but it will never happen if your head isn’t in the right place. First, you have to learn about the minimalist principles.

Create The Space

Think of a minimal style in the same vein as a hard-working football player. Some pieces may not get the fame they deserve, but they create space for others to shine. Not every item can be a Ronaldo. There is a problem though– there isn’t enough room to go around. Now, you can get innovative but it’s more hassle than it’s worth. In this case, your attitude should be frugal, concerning both money and time. has a range of units that may be perfect. Storage solutions tend to be the best option because you can choose the size.

Don’t Be A Slob

Imagine that you’ve gone to great lengths to create a gorgeous living space, but, in the corner, there is a pile of dishes a mile high. Apart from being disgusting – ewwww – it’s bound to impact the style. How can you support the trend when there is clutter everywhere dirtying up the place? It’s not possible, which is why becoming a clean and tidy person is essential. Give everything a home and make sure it stays there rather than lying around the house without a care in the world. This goes for dishes and stationery and toys and clothes and whatever you can add to the list!

Reel In The Eclectic

Colours are amazing. You’ll see a variety of different schemes and want them all because they call out to you like an angel in the night. And, it’s pretty easy to instal them into a home. All a homeowner has to do is mix up the shades and ensure they don’t clash. A minimalist attitude shouldn’t be eclectic. In fact, it should be quite vanilla regarding the colour scheme. The reason is that bright, vivid hues won’t match the rest of the house. So, sometimes a boring attitude is best.

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Be A Chameleon

On the flip side, it’s vital that you analyse pieces from different trends and generations. Because there is only enough room for a select number of items, homeowners should choose the best of the best. Although a modern touch may appeal, a classic approach is often a savvy move. Remember that archetypal pieces are timeless and go with pretty much any style. Also, they are neutral and won’t mess up the colour scheme. Think of things such as a coffee table and a fabric sofa as integral.

Do you have the personality to pull off a minimalist design?