The best Australia has to offer its visitors can all be found in the glorious Gold Coast; sunshine, beaches, native animals, and, more importantly, good food. During the past few years, the Gold Coast dining scene has evolved to include many tasty treats to get your tastebuds dancing. If there were such a thing as the Australian dream, you’ll find it in the Gold Coast. Here are just a few reasons why you should start searching for your slice of the Australian dream right here.

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Peaceful retreat

A lot of the residents of Gold Coast tend to be retirees and students, but don’t let this put you off. Although there are still plenty of weekenders or short-breakers visiting the area for a holiday free from tourist traps, Gold Coast is mostly peaceful and laidback. To really get a feel for what it’s like to live here instead of just visiting, look into booking private holiday rentals instead of staying in a hotel. It adds just a little touch of luxury to what already feels like a private retreat. Not only can you have amazing views of the unbelievable beaches, but staying in a rental allows you to get up and have breakfast on your own schedule.

Decadent food

Speaking of breakfast, early birds will be delighted to hear that almost every restaurant on the Gold Coast is open for breakfast. Whether you go to the Alto Cucina & Bar to sample the homemade rosti stack with poached egg, thick cut bacon, and avocado, or you prefer the bohemian vibe of Justin Lane’s pizza place, the Gold Coast has a dish for every taste bud. If you can’t decide between staying at the beach a little longer, or finally silencing your growling stomach, just head down to the Rick Shores restaurant in Burleigh Heads; it’s so close to the water, you’ll hear the waves coming to shore between mouthfuls of roasted pork shoulder.

Unbelievable beaches

The Golden Life In The Gold Coast 2

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The coastline stretches for 35 miles and you can pick from 20 different beaches; depending on how long you’re staying, you could probably visit a different beach every day. Surfers Paradise is probably the most well-known of them all, and is highly distinctive as the skyline is practically on the beach. A little further south is Mermaid Beach, which is known for its laid-back appeal (not its local mermaid population). Surfers Paradise and Burleigh Heads are the best spots for surfing, so there is no better place to learn how to catch a wave.

The chance to fly

If you have three hours to spare, then you should definitely experience the closest thing you will ever have to flying; Australia’s longest zip line. The Canyon Flyer is the highest and fastest zip line tour in Australia, standing at 60 metres high, and reaching speeds of up to 70 km per hour. The zip line crosses Cedar Creek Canyon multiple times before dropping into the canyon and flying just above the tree top canopy below.