KFC’s recent limited-time-offerings have been a bit underwhelming, so I approached the new Hot Rods with some caution. When it comes to KFC I usually choose from their hot-and-spicy / Zinger products, so these actually looked rather promising – and potentially a bargain at only $2.95 for two “rods” with aioli.

A nice, colourful box…with flames. Oooh. As seems to be a recurring theme, the “zesty lime aioli” was left out of my order. Maybe it’s just my local restaurants, but there’s always something missing when I order a limited meal. Grrrr. Does anyone else have this problem??

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Hot Rods actually made it into the box, and even more surprised by how good they were. Now this is the way to eat KFC – from a stick! The meat was very moist and definitely hot-and-spicy in flavour, but nowhere near as oily as a “normal” piece of chicken. The meat is “dark”, and I wonder if it’s what’s left of the Mighty Burger. I didn’t really miss the aioli – some KFC dinner rolls and coleslaw, on the other hand…

I really liked the Hot Rods, and they are great value at $2.95 for two (with or without aioli). If they stay on the menu, I would expect them to become a regular “add-on” for many customers – somehow I doubt we’ll be that lucky.