kentucky pie

KFC’s first effort at a pie was the Zinger Pie which I first reviewed a couple of years ago and didn’t enjoy it at all, despite usually being a fan of anything “Zinger”. This year it’s back just in time for Christmas with a new mate, the Kentucky Pie, which is described as being “filled with tender chicken breast pieces, original recipe gravy and fluffy mashed potato”. Hmm.

As I pointed out last time, I’m not really a fan of chicken pies (I’m happy to make an exception for this, however), and after the disappointment of the Zinger experience I wasn’t expecting much…

Kentucky Pie

Oddly enough, this bag doesn’t make me want to rush out and play cricket – I can’t imagine professional cricketers wanting to return to play after KFC for lunch, either. Ooh, there’s sexy red bottomed foil.

Kentucky Pie

Out of the bag, the pie actually looks quite decent, and the pastry quite crisp…

Kentucky Pie

…but when you bite into this thing, the pastry is seriously rubbery. When it comes to the filling, the first thing you notice is the unmistakable texture of KFC mashed potato, but that’s where it ends – unfortunately the flavour never arrives. It doesn’t really taste of anything. There’s hardly any gravy to speak of, which might have made things a little sloppy but would have added some much-needed flavour.

At least the Zinger Pie tasted of something – this was just horrible. And definitely not what I wanted for Christmas.