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The Most Extreme Holiday Activities!

The Most Extreme Holiday Activities! 1

When you go on holiday, chances are you’re going there to do something instead of just sitting around all day!

The Most Extreme Holiday Activities! 2

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When you go on holiday, chances are you’re going there to do something instead of just sitting around all day! Some people go on holiday to try and do the wildest things possible, the more white-knuckled amongst us will go to a destination purely because of the craziest things it has to offer! So what are the most exciting and extreme things you can do on holiday? Well, read on and find out!

White Water Rafting

We’ve all heard of this and seen it at the olympics, but what actually is it and why is it so extreme? Well, white water rafting gets its name from the colour that water turns when it travels incredibly quickly and when it’s incredibly choppy; the water mixes with the air and it looks white! This means that you’re going to be riding some pretty extreme waters. You’re going to be riding these waters in a kayak, something that is strong enough to take the beating that the water is going to give it! You’re going to be travelling very fast on a white water rafting tour, so you’re going to get the blood pumping and the adrenalin flowing through your system in no time! It’s you against the water, and you’re going to be using every muscle in your body to steer the boat in the direction that you want it to go in, so if you’ve got a want for something fast and strenuous then give this a go!


Paintball is a relatively new sport on the scene and is more of a leisure activity than anything, but if you do want to try your hand at it there is a competitive tournament you can play if you get back home and decide it’s for you! Chances are, we’ve all heard horror stories about paintball, but equally we’ve heard heroic ones too, and it’s worthy of both of the stories that are told about them because it’s one of the most adrenaline inducing activities out there! Paintball involves two or more teams, sometimes even everyone for themselves, armed with a paintball marker which will fire paintballs out of the barrel at around 190 miles per hour; something that you’re going to struggle dodging! The idea is to shoot out the enemy team, but in between you and them is lots of cover! You’re going to feel like you’re playing a game in real life, aiming, sliding and sprinting around a field whilst trying not to get shot at yourself. Paintball is relatively cheap compared to other activities you can do on holiday, and all you have to do is show up on the day and pay, perfect for anyone who thinks they can handle the pain and shoot everyone out.


Whilst the other two are fast and exciting, caving is much slower but still, if not much more exciting. Caving has been around for hundreds of years,  when it used to be much more dangerous and people died doing it! Caving involves you finding your way through a massive cave system, which can be much more nerve wracking than the other two activities mentioned here. Whilst you will have a guide with you for your own safety so you don’t get lost, feeling through the darkness trying to make your way through a cave can be a truly unnerving experience that will put off the most confident of people. If you think you’ve got nerves of steel and want to test them then this is definitely for you as you’re going to forget that you’re safe! The biggest part of it though is the closeness of the experience; caves are very small places, meaning that it’s going to be cramped inside there, so if you’ve got claustrophobia then you might want to give this one a miss!

All of these activities are easy to find when you’re only holiday, you need only travel to them! If you’re after a fast and tough experience then go white water rafting to fulfill your desire for speed, if you’re after something that involves outwitting opponents and having the satisfaction of them realising that you’ve outsmarted them then paintball is for you, or if you’re after something slower but much more terrifying and isolating then caving is definitely the thing you should be looking at. Of course, the whole experience of going away can be an adventure in itself, especially if you’re going to be camping, but where are the best places to camp? Well, read this and you’ll know!

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