My aim here at The Shelf Life is to try out new supermarket & other consumer products so you don’t have to (or to tell you when you absolutely should!) and as a fan of both milkshakes and shiny packaging I was instantly drawn to these new Devondale drinks as I strolled through my local Woolies. According to the website blurb, they are also available in “select” Coles stores, IGA and independent supermarkets.

I paid $3.50 for each of these, so they’re not a particularly cheap proposition. If you’re a fan of milkshakes as I am, you’re probably used to flavoured milk being a big disappointment, or at the very least a poor substitute for the real thing (or downright scary when it comes to the ones that go thick when you shake them). I wasn’t expecting much, although the colourful and relatively solid plastic packaging gave me some confidence.

The first thing that you notice with all four shakes is that they are thick; not “proper” milkshake thick, but a decent amount thicker than “normal” milk, and I’ve paid good money for thinner cafe shakes before. The colours are deep, and Devondale have really done a great job with the packaging – the straws are properly sealed, lids fit nicely and even the straw-hole is well formed as you can see on the Strawberry above.

So how did they taste?

  • the “double chocolate” had a deep flavour, reminding me of some “premium” chocolate milks, and might be a bit dark / strong for kids.
  • the “chocolate & salted caramel” seemed to have more of a “traditional” chocolate taste, with the caramel and salt quite subtle in the overall picture. This was my favourite of the four.
  • the “strawberries & cream” was my least favourite, they almost managed to mask the fake-strawberry flavour but didn’t quite make it.
  • the “cookies & cream” was an odd thing. It wasn’t unpleasant, but if I didn’t know what the flavour was in advance I’m not sure f I’d have been able to identify it…which can sometimes be the case with cookies & cream. Maybe it’s just me.

So a mixed bag when it comes to taste, but overall I was really impressed with these milkshakes. Flavours are always a matter of individual taste, but I found the thickness of the milk and quality of the packaging hard to argue with.

Good job, Devondale.