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When it comes to enjoying the great outdoors in Australia, camping is one of the best options out there. And with such a diversity of places to go, we really are spoilt for choice! Ultimately, it all depends on what your preferences are and what kind of scenery you most like to enjoy. Though there are thousands and thousands of options out there to choose from, we have just gathered together five of the best so you can get a flavour of campsites in Australia. Sit back, be inspired and get packing!

Mitchell Falls, WA

When you decide to go camping, being located nearby to a natural wonder is certainly a bonus. And while this location may be very remote, you are rewarded with front row seats to an incredible four-tiered waterfall. However, you will want to make sure that you are an experienced camper before you aim to take on this particular spot. Check out camper trailers for sale as it is likely you will need a whole lot of stuff. The remoteness also works in your favour if you are a fan of getting out there and seeing a spot that not many other people in the world have a chance of enjoying.

Dawsons Spring, NSW

Located in the heart of the Mt Kaputar National Park, the Dawsons Spring camping ground is home to some of the most incredible views in the whole of the country. As you might expect, the mountain itself is what you will need to scale if you are hoping to enjoy some of the best sights that the park has to offer. From the summit of 1510m, you can see 360 degrees around you which take in a tenth of New South Wales.

Lucky Bay, WA

If your dream camping experience involves setting up a spot right by the sea, then Lucky Bay is the place for you. You will find yourself right next to 5km of shimmering water, so grab your surfboards! If you want to do something else while you are here, there are plenty of bushwalks so you can enjoy the coastal scenery.

Noah Beach, Qld

Noah Beach is the place you want to go if want to get up close and personal with the variety of wildlife this country has to offer. Just two of the species that you are likely to encounter include the tree-kangaroo and ringtail possum. If birdwatching is your thing, the nearby rainforest is home to hundreds of different species. And the campsite itself is set only 50m away from the shore beneath a forest canopy.

Camping Australia: Top Destinations 2

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Ormiston Gorge, NT

In many places, light pollution means that the stars are sadly obscured, but this is certainly not the case in Ormiston Gorge. Though there are plenty of hiking opportunities to enjoy during the day, the real show begins at night when the sky becomes illuminated like you are not used to seeing in the big towns and cities. What could be better?