Brisbane's Most Outrageous Breakfast Spots 1Image source

As cool as it is to say you’ve been to Brizzy, it’s not the most exciting place in Aus. Not on paper. It’s a place where business overrules culture, and where workdays are for working and weekends are for escaping to the beach. However, tell someone who knows Brisbane you’ve been to Brisbane and they’ll have only one question ask: “Where did you go for brekky?”

Oh, yeah, hidden beneath the facade of being a business city, this place knows how to start a day right because Brizzy’s best cafes have taken what others see as a meal and turned it into an eye-fizzing, mouth-watering and Instagram-loving experience. We’re talking wacky waffles, beautiful bagels, out of this world toasties, and porridge dishes that have been pimped.

So, without further ado, here are the Brizzy Breakfasts you need in your life, no matter what diet you may be trying out this week:

  1. Corner Store Cafe

This eatery has long been out happy place thanks to its epic brekky fare, but it is their lasagna toastie that takes the top-spot of notable dishes here. We’re talking about a toasted sandwich that’s been stuffed with beef mince, provolone, pasta sheets, garlic butter, and ricotta, all topped off with a fried egg for good measure. It’s delicious.

  1. Southside Tea Room

This is one of those rare places that allows off-the-menu treats, although you need to be super-polite when asking for one of these little surprises. That’s all the staff ask. Anyway, the winner here is what they call their ‘stoner’ special; a bacon and egg pancake sandwich. That’s right. They have taken the slices of bread we are all accustomed to and replaced them with soft and scrummy pancakes, filling them with bacon and eggs, as well as cheddar and hollandaise. Mmmm.

  1. The Gunshop Cafe

This place knows how to do delicious breakfasts, the first of which is a disgustingly healthy breakfast toast made with thick slices of sourdough bread, goat milk cheese, basil, tomato and one heck of a runny egg. Eat this and you’ve completed life. If, however, you want something that may well clog up your arteries in the best way possible, then you need to get the peanut butter and jelly Belgian waffles with toasted marshmallow. It isn’t going to make you live longer, but it will keep you smiling forever.

  1. Spicers Balfour

If you have ever been here, you will know this place doesn’t do anything by half. They live by the motto: anything worth doing is worth doing in excess, which is probably why their breakfast menu pleases everyone wanting to send their taste buds on a roller coaster of naughtiness. Honestly, you could close your eyes, point at the menu and be guaranteed to have something mind-blowing arrive in front of you. If you’d rather pick something on purpose, though, please pick the brioche French toast with hokey pokey crumble, which is served with white chocolate pastry cream and cassis curd. It’s the best thing on earth.