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From Brisbane To Sydney: Places To Fill Your Stomachs!

From Brisbane To Sydney: Places To Fill Your Stomachs! 1


When you are on a big travel expedition, throughout Brisbane, all the way down the east coast of Australia, you are going to get hungry now and again! There are some fantastic places you should go and eat to get your fill of Australian cuisine, or, in fact, any type of cuisine. So, here are a few places to stop off while on your travels to Sydney!

Aria Restaurant, Brisbane

The aim, according to the website, is to β€œencapsulate the local lifestyle with an intimate dining experience,” and that it does! You can pick any random item on the menu, that is full of elegant seasonal ingredients, but on the dinner menu, you need to go for the yellowfin tuna, yuzu and radish. This is a taste of the sea unlike any other! Or, if you feel like you’ve got a sweet tooth, the peach, financier and vanilla ice cream is to die for!

The Bistro Grill, Armidale

The quaint town of Armidale hides this treasure trove of fine dining. And there are so many great looking eateries, that we would have to dig out a list of decent Armidale accommodation to make sure we truly get the benefits of all the restaurants. As a place for decent garlic pizza bread, all the way up to the high-end meals like the filet mignon, you’ve got a wide choice of some fantastic meals. Although, if high end isn’t your cup of tea, they do fantastic fish and chips!

Silo Waterfront And Lounge, Newcastle

Restaurant and cocktail lounge in one, this boutique-styled restaurant has great vibes, and foods to cater for all tastes. The Angus beef sirloin with Paris mashed potato, bacon and a red wine jus was absolutely mouth-watering to the last morsel. Or if you are feeling a bit more aquatic, the ora king salmon fillets with candied walnuts, quinoa, green beans, and feta and beetroot provided a very refreshing take on the classic salmon dish. Or if you are really feeling like letting your hair down, you should go for the cocktail menu!

The Byblos Restaurant & Bar, Central Coast

If you’re looking for a traditional Lebanese experience, this place has it. You can go for the dip tasting plates, which consists of labneh, hummus, and baba ganoush for a moderate price, but if you’re looking for a massive plate of food, you should go for the Byblos Mezza. This has garlic chicken, chili prawns, as well as Lebanese favorite fatoush, a sort of salad dish, made with croutons from pita bread. Refreshing and feeling, this will be the ideal food to get you on your way.

Fish At The Rocks, Sydney

And while there are plenty of fantastic eateries in Sydney, fish at the rocks delivers seafood in abundance. You’ve had a long journey down the east coast, so get your fill of freshly shucked Sydney rock oysters or breaded sardine fillets as light bites, or go straight for the mains, such as the delicious and warming blue eye cod fillet.

As you can see, there are a few places for you to fill your stomachs while travelling down the east coast. So fill them, and fill them well!

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