My final choice for a Brisbane breakfast was an important one – no second chances if I was disappointed on the last day. After careful consideration I decided on Merriweather in South Brisbane, which was a little further from my hotel than on previous days, but I went prepared with long sleeves this time as it was another crisp morning.

If you check out Merriweather’s website and Facebook page, you can see that they’re serious about their product. Ultimately it was the rather interesting menu that earned them the third place on my must-visit list (and I was pretty sure I’d get a decent coffee!)

Thankfully my assumptions were correct – they are deadly serious about coffee at Merriweather, and it’s great to see that you can get a decent cup almost anywhere you travel these days. No doubt there are plenty of awesome places in the rest of the Brisbane CBD, and hopefully I’ll return there soon to find out.

I wasn’t expecting foam from my cappuccino at this point, but the little flakes of chocolate had more substance than the usual powder, and made for a really interesting drink. The coffee itself (from New Zealand & Melbourne based roaster Coffee Supreme) was super smooth, and got better as I moved through the cup. This was easily the best coffee I had in Brisbane, and one of the best I’ve had anywhere in a long time.

I was intrigued by the Asian pork omelette with Thai chilli jam but couldn’t go past the potato & caramelized onion hash with poached egg, streaky bacon & apple relish ($18). Quite simply, this is one of the best breakfast dishes I’ve ever had.

The hash was crispy on the outside but still light and soft on the inside, and the thick cut bacon was perfectly crisp, sweet and about as bacon-y as you could hope for. I don’t know what it was glazed with, but I assume it’s legal. I wasn’t sure about the apple relish at first, but it wasn’t too sweet and the dish was perfectly balanced.

No feeling ashamed to ask for sugar, salt or pepper here.

Merriweather South Brisbane

The location isn’t particularly glamorous – this was the view from my table, although it’s much more picturesque on the other side of the cafe as you can see below.

Merriweather was a really nice place to sit and enjoy breakfast, and a much less serious experience than Gauge the day before – the chef brought my meal out from her tiny kitchen, the waitress took her own breakfast outside to photograph it between customers, and the barista seemed genuinely happy for the feedback when I told him how good the coffee was.

If I’d have found Merriweather on my first day I probably wouldn’t have gone anywhere else, and I’ll be sure to head back there when I’m next in Brisbane. Highly recommended.