The Subiaco Hotel was built in 1896, and transformed into its current “gastro-pub” form in 1994. Its award winning restaurant opens for breakfast at 7:00am every day, which is a great start – far too many places only open at 8:30 or 9:00am. We went for breakfast twice over the Christmas / New Year break, and on both occasions had no trouble getting a table, and found the service to be efficient and friendly without being over the top. The first time we went was on one of Perth’s recent very hot days, and despite the restaurant being open there was plenty of ventilation on offer.

The table settings are simple, and there is plenty of room between tables so it doesn’t feel crowded even when busy.

The breakfast menu contains some interesting items, and it’s all very reasonably priced. As well as the usual eggs on toast & muesli, you can try things such as “brioche french toast with berries, maple syrup, yoghurt ” ($17), “Arnold Bennett eggs, smoked haddock” ($17), “Moroccan brik pastry, duck egg, Turkish sausage, spinach & feta” ($17.50), “baked free range eggs on Turkish bread, onions, peppers” ($16.50) & “porridge with sour cherries & rhubarb” ($12). You can even start with a Bloody Mary ($16) if you feel the need!

The current menu varies slightly from the one you can download here, and you can also download the main lunch / dinner menu here.

The coffee here is outstanding, and both times I didn’t hesitate in going for a second. Cappuccino, mocha and latte were all excellent.

On our first visit, I ordered the “potato & pork hash, fried eggs, mustard, tomatoes” ($16.50). I wasn’t sure what I was going to be getting, but it was quite a small portion and my instinct to order a side of sourdough toast ($6) was spot on. I really liked the english mustard smear on the plate, although the fried eggs were very firm and bigger than the serving of hash – I’d have preferred a single soft poached egg on top and some toast underneath.

On our return visit, I had to try the “farmhouse: scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato, chipolatas, hash brown & toast” (a very reasonable $21). You know when sometimes you just fancy a simple breakfast, but want it to be really high quality? Well look no further. The eggs were soft and creamy, chipolatas of high quality (there are two more hidden under the hash brown), bacon was nice although perhaps a little fatty and the hash brown was house-made. For $21 you can’t do better – try having breakfast at a Coffee Club, for instance (in fact please don’t).

Renay ordered the “avocado on crusty multigrain, fresh tomato, soft goat’s curd” ($16.50) both times. This is pretty much her idea of a perfect breakfast – fresh, healthy and not too filling. It was so good she couldn’t even be swayed to try the “mixed mushrooms on toast, parsley, parmesan” ($16.50) on our second visit.

What more can I say? Open early, comfortable, good service, outstanding coffee and fantastic food all at a reasonable price.  The Subiaco Hotel has quickly made its way onto our list of favourite breakfast destinations, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.