One of the challenges (first-world problem) of being a food blogger is resisting the urge to go back to places you’ve been to before, as there are always new ones calling to your Instagram account.

My Sunday-morning routine has become one of breakfasting on my own, and I’m allowing myself this time to revisit old favourites, and / or just order something boring like bacon & eggs (terrible, I know). I’ve recently added Layup in Northbridge to the list of such places I return to, and it might actually be my favourite place for breakfast in Perth right now…

Coffee is from Blacklist, and it’s always spot on. Nothing disappoints me more these days than a bad cup of coffee first thing in the morning.

As the competition for the Perth breakfast dollar hots up, it really has to be about good coffee and food (Tbsp, Layup, Holly Rayes, Tropico & Timber all get my vote. As much as I love the food at Mary Street Bakery, I find the coffee disappointing.)

On our first visit, I ordered the baked eggs with feta, chorizo, spinach and house-baked sourdough ($18) which was a great example of the baked egg dishes finding their way around town at the moment. Note the number of yolks…

Other options include a house-baked English muffin with spiced sausage, bacon, egg & Wisconsin cheddar ($12.50), candied pecan brioche with grilled banana, maple syrup, seasonal berries, shaved chocolate & mint cream ($15) and sauteed mushrooms with cauliflower puree, kale, pine nuts, slow egg & charred sourdough ($18). There are also a few more lunch-y options such as the particularly intriguing spiced fried chicken with house-made pork crackle, watermelon & herb salad and red bean ailoi ($22).

There’s nothing boring about this menu, but there should still be something here for everyone.

Renay ordered the simply beautiful breakfast pannacotta with honey, toasted muesli, goji berries & strawberry compote ($15).

My second visit was a lone one on a Sunday morning…aah, peace and quiet.

I decided to order something “simple” – slow cooked eggs on toast ($12) with sides of bacon and potato rosti ($4 each). Wow. The eggs were absolute perfection, the thick-cut bacon of the highest quality and the crispy potato cake beautifully soft and perfectly seasoned (why do so many places serve bland potato items??). It was like I’d died and gone to breakfast heaven.

The only thing I could possibly fault with this is that a bigger plate would have made it easier to eat quicker. This is a meal I’ll be ordering again and again.

My most recent trip to Layup was during the recent holiday break, and I thought it was time that I tried the guacamole & pica de gallo with charred sourdough, smoked corn and jalapeno custard (and a side of bacon, of course). The biggest curiosity here was the custard, but it was just like a thick mayonnaise, ever-so-subtly flavoured with jalapeno. I’ve always been wary of savoury custards but I’m happy to try more if they’re like this.

The bacon was really thick on this occasion, and quite possibly the best in Perth right now. Apparently it’s sourced from a local butcher and they slice it by hand.

There’s always a selection of goodies in the counter, and later in the morning they have sausage rolls that look big enough to beat someone to death with.

What else is there to say – if you haven’t been to Layup yet, what’s keeping you? They’re open from 7am, Tuesday to Sunday, so there’s no excuse. Just be sure to try the bacon.