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It is a good idea to learn about the basics of wine and food pairing, as it does provide an enhanced taste experience. If you get the pairing right, you can put together a delicious meal. Get it wrong, and you will only ever achieve a mediocre taste experience. With that in mind, read on to discover some great tips for effective wine and food pairing.

Consider going on a food and wine tasting experience – One of the best ways to learn about pairing wine and food is to go on a tasting experience. This is something Hunter Valley Insider provides more information on. Not only will you get to experience the best wine in Sydney – not the sort of stuff that comes in the bottles in your local supermarket – but you will discover how to enhance the taste experience by pairing it with the right food.

Learn about the common food and wine pairing techniques – There are a number of different approaches you can use to pair wine and food effectively, so it is a good idea to understand these. One option is to pair fat with something bitter. So, if you are cooking a fatty, juicy piece of meat, you should look for a type of wine that has a lot of tannin. This is the classic rich red wine, such as an Italian Sangiovese with lots of cherry flavours, paired with a delicious steak. Other pairings to consider include the likes of sweet and salty, acid and acid, and regional pairing. The latter is a pretty fundamental pairing to understand, for example, matching Italian food with Italian wine. You won’t always get the perfect pairing when going for this option, but it gives you a good basis to start your pairings with.

Learn about the pairings that don’t work – It is just as important to learn about the pairings that don’t work, as well as the pairings that do work. For example, bitter and bitter does not go together. If you are cooking a bitter meal, such as a chocolate dessert, you should not pair it with a bitter wine; it simply doesn’t work.

Don’t feel like you’re stuck to the rules – You can bend the rules a bit; especially the supposed rule that you can only pair red wine with red meat, and white wine with white meat. That is certainly not the case. Pinot noir goes really well with fatty fish and turkey. It’s all about choosing the type of wine with care. Another type of red wine may not go so well with white meat or fish.

Sparkling wine works when you are in doubt – If you are feeling in doubt turn to sparkling wine. Traditional pairings for sparkling wine include the likes of Brie and other soft cheeses, as well as caviar. However, most people would agree that sparkling wine goes with pretty much anything.

Follow the tips that have been mentioned above, and you are bound to notice some improvements when it comes to the meals you provide. Getting the wine and food pairing right makes a massive difference.