I first went to Johnny’s Burger Joint twelve months ago, and we returned this weekend to once again celebrate my Mother’s birthday. We arrived early at 11:30 to find it empty, but it wasn’t long before the customers started streaming in and the restaurant was practically full by the time we left.

The menu has something for everybody – beef, chicken, hot dogs, chips, onion rings, milkshakes… you get the picture. We tried all of these between us today, and no-one was disappointed. The service is friendly, the food comes out quickly and the pricing is very reasonable – what more could you ask for? Check out the full menu on their Facebook Page.

Onion rings ($6.90). Light and crispy, but could use something to dip them in. A variety of sauces are available for $1.50 each.

Really nice waffle fries ($7.90). Apart from boring “standard” fries ($6.90), you can also get curly ($6.90), cheese & bacon ($9.90) and chilli cheese ($9.90) fries.

A very thick but also very nice banana American milkshake ($7.90)

The “Down Undaaahhhh!!!!” ($13.90) with beetroot, lettuce, tomato, American cheese, a fried egg and barbecue sauce. The egg was just runny…great stuff.

The “Good Ol’ Chicken” ($13.90) with a grilled chicken breast, grilled pineapple, American cheese, lettuce, tomato and herbed mayo.

For the smaller appetite we have “Burger Shots”  – three sliders for $13.90.

I didn’t actually have a burger today, I tried the Chicago Chilli Dog ($9.90). If you like chilli dogs, I can’t recommend this one high enough, it’s the best I can remember having in a very long time – great sausage, spicy chilli, and just the right amount of everything to make it practical to eat. At under $10, this is ridiculously good value and I’m glad I don’t live closer.

An easy recommendation from me.