Looking to explore in a whole new way? Forget strolling through destinations on foot, getting cabs or buses- what about travelling by water? Whether it’s on a canal, houseboat, private yacht or cruise ship, there’s plenty to see and do when you travel by boat and it can help you see a destination in a whole new way. Here are some of the best places in the world to take advantage.


Many of Dubai’s most beautiful cityscape photos are taken from the water, and for good reason. Back here you can really appreciate the incredible view. A chance to take in the architecture, some of the world’s most glamorous hotels, the world’s tallest building, religious buildings, malls and so much more. Look for companies which offer yachts to rent, you could either self drive or pay the extra and have it kitted out with a driver and staff.


If you want to take in some gorgeous southern sunshine, enjoy blue waters and meet some friendly wild dolphins than Florida is for you. From Disney in Orlando to the Florida Keys to Miami- known for its party scene. Another location that would be perfect for a yacht party. Sunshine, music, alcohol and great company. There are also plenty of tours for things like dolphin cruises where the wild dolphins will surf the waves of the boat, and glass bottom boats allowing you to get a fascinating look under the surface.

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If a destination that’s rich in history while offering stunning landscapes is what you’re after, Croatia may well be for you. There are plenty of yachting and boating experiences which allow you to take in views of the pretty Mediterranean white stone buildings with their terracotta roofs. If you’re after something a little more peaceful and tranquil then this could be what you’re after.Anchors Aweigh: Five Brilliant Boating Vacations to Consider 2

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The Great Barrier Reef is an epic natural wonder that’s so large it can be seen from space. There are tons of different places to dive and sail from, Whitsundays for example are islands which offer everything from snorkelling to jet skiing. There are even places where you can view whale pods migrating for deeper waters when you’re boating in Australia.  


Amsterdam is rich in culture and heritage but also has a fun party atmosphere meaning just about everyone can enjoy the destination and find something they like to do. It’s home to a huge, intricate network of canals meaning travel with this method is really easy. There are canal boats and houseboats you can hire, it’s far better than sitting on a crowded bus and since the canals cut straight through to the city they take you to the heart of the action. It’s a lot different to a yacht trip in a tropical destination but equally as interesting and an incredible experience.

Have you ever been on an epic boating adventure? Where did you go, and what’s next on your travel bucket list?