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6 Home Favourites You’ll Find Bettered all Over the World



We all love our creature comforts. We get used to, and are happy with, the ways things are at home. But travel opens your eyes to new opportunities. In fact, there’s a lot that’s bettered all over the world. So step outside your comfort zone and explore what the world has to offer. To get you started, we’ve picked six home favourites that we think you’ll be able to find better elsewhere. Check them out:


Travelling to see amazing wildlife in their natural habitats is a great reason to travel. Your local zoo might have a range of exotic creatures from around the world – but nothing beats seeing them in their own home.


Have you got a regular coffee order? You probably do. In fact, the Secret Traveller reckons most people nowadays have an opinion on the best brand of coffee beans and the best way to treat it. That doesn’t mean they’re right though, nor should it stop you trying some of the best coffee around the world. Start with their recommended eight cities.

TV series

It’s easy to become hooked on your favourite TV series at home. But if you’ve got a spare evening when you’re travelling, switch on the TV and see what’s on. You’ll be engrossed in no time, even if it’s just out of simple curiosity.


Okay, bear with us. You might think working isn’t great anywhere. But working abroad is beneficial for everyone. In fact, some people say you should do it at least once in your life. But why? Well, according to the Telegraph, it enhances your CV, builds character, is rewarding and immerses you in a new, different culture.


Karaoke can be one of the most humiliating experiences. But not when you’re abroad – it’s one of the many things made better when you head away from home. As Go Abroad say, just jump on stage and see what happens – you can belt out a few classics and you’ll feel like a rock star. In East Asia, it’s one of the main ways of socialising so why not see what the fuss is about?


You get used to your surroundings at home – so even if you’re close to a fantastic beach or city scape, heading elsewhere will always feel more spectacular. It’s partly because you’ve got the time to sit back and appreciate the view, rather than rushing around in your normal daily life.

What do you enjoy more abroad? Share your recommendations with us.

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