Colds are always pesky, and they usually come around a lot during this time of year down under. Thankfully, some weird and wonderful life hacks will stop a cold from even thinking twice about entering your body.

Carry Antibacterial Gel At All Times

Colds spread quickly because we’re all pretty damn filthy. It may not seem like it, but we have loads of bacteria and bad things on us at all times – particularly on our hands and under our fingernails. If you don’t disinfect your hands, then it’s easy to come in contact with things carrying the cold virus, and making you ill. With antibacterial gel, you can use it multiple times per day to cleanse your hands and kill the harmful bacteria. This prevents the chances of a cold spreading, and can help you stay fit and healthy!

4 Life Hacks To Help Prevent A Common Cold 1

Stay warm to prevent the cold! pixabay

Keep Your Home Nice And Warm

While being cold doesn’t technically cause a cold, it certainly helps it develop if you come into contact with the virus. As such, you can stop this by keeping your home nice and warm. Your central heating could do the trick, but a better alternative is a natural wood burning fire. You can find more information here on wood heaters that add some warmth to your home as well as making it look nice. By wrapping up nice and warm, you will undoubtedly help stop a cold from wreaking havoc on your body during the colder months of the year. The same also applies if you’re outside in the cold; dress appropriately, or you will get sick!

Drink Ginger Tea

I didn’t know this until last year, but ginger is terrific at fighting off colds. You can use it when you have a cold to banish it or to prevent one from arriving. The gist of it is this; ginger contains something that kills the cold virus. Therefore, if you ingest it, you can stop a cold from developing. The easiest way to do this is by drinking ginger tea. There’s a recipe in the video above this paragraph that’ll show you what to do.

Take Some Vitamin C

All vitamins are good, but vitamin C is the best when it comes to fighting colds. It’s known to help improve your immune system, and many experts say that a vitamin C supplement will prevent colds or at least ensure they don’t last as long as usual. The great thing is, you can literally take a tiny supplement pill per day, and that’s all the vitamin C you need! Of course, it’s probably better to eat fruit high in this vitamin as you’ll not only get the benefits it brings, but you’ll also get additional nutrition from the fruit too.

There you have it; my four life hacks to help prevent the cold this year. Or, if you’re stumbling upon this at the wrong time – and you already have a cold – then use this advice to banish it and ensure it doesn’t stay around for much longer!